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What is SGPOOL4D?

Sgpool is a state-owned gambling and lottery company in Singapore. The company is owned by the Tote Board, a subsidiary and only operator allowed to legally run remote gambling or online gambling activities in the country.

Singapore Pools was founded on May 23, 1968, to control the many gambling activities that are getting out of hand. It was established to combat illegal gambling in Singapore by simply limiting the allowed gambling venues and companies from such operations.

Introduction to SGPools 4D

Singapore pools have been the main legal source for all things gambling whether it’d be sports betting or lottery. The Singaporean government takes gambling matters very seriously all while keeping the betting experience satisfying and enjoyable for both tourists and its locals.

Customers can play with ease of mind that they are protected from the gambling laws that do not permit any other gambling websites. Sgpool is driven to deliver a balance between world-class experience and consumer welfare.

Sgpool can offer a handful number of sports betting favorites for the Singapore market and its foreign customers. The lottery is, in fact, one of the most popular betting activities you can witness with us. There millions upon millions of active bets for Keno and 4D Sgpool lotteries every day.

These lotteries help the country’s economy as a whole and it’s also one of the driving forces that keeps sgpool from continuously giving such form of entertainment to the masses.

New Funds Transfer Service

Additional bank link service is now finally made available to SGpool customers. The service started on April 6, 2021, allowing Fast and Secure Transfers or FAST to become a new top-up or deposit option for SPA customers.

Setting up your bank link over the internet has made it more mainstream and a lot easier this time around. You may still use direct debit payment and many other existing methods. Please note that personal accounts with no approved overdraft facilities are eligible for bank links.


sg pool

Simply put, a bank link will allow for an automatic debiting system when your SPA account balance becomes insufficient. Making a deposit in an instant is now made possible through this service feature. The same thing can be said true for account withdrawals.

Safer Play

SGpool prides itself on its strict implementation of betting regulations. This program prohibits any bettor or consumer below the age of 18 to participate in any gambling activities. They are also not allowed to claim a prize. And strict confirmation of information is being forced to ensure this is well implemented.

Betting Services

Singaporeans don’t need to worry about the gambling restrictions that are currently in effect as sgpool 4D is here to provide all the betting services that you would need. From sports betting to lotteries, you can enjoy all the betting activities directly from your desktop computers.

Of course, all of these are also made available on much more compact devices such as laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones. Let’s take a look at these betting games and gambling services.


Part of what makes gambling popular, and still relevant to this day, is sports. Sports have been one of the oldest forms of entertainment that dates back when before the first Olympics were even founded. One can simply assume that betting on sports has also seen the light of day around the same time.

Sgpool offer several sports selections for its customers. Perhaps the most widely popular among the bunch is horse racing. While horse racing isn’t entirely the most popular sport in the country, it is, apparently, the most common sport that many locals wager on.

Horse Racing

Speaking of horse racing, you’d be surprised by the number of betting options that you can choose here. If you didn’t know, horse racing is probably one of the most popular sports in Singapore, perhaps next to football. A lot of locals are always tuned in to the many horse race results just as much as the lottery or sgpool TOTO results.


SGpools’ 4D lotto allows for an easy and exciting lottery for many lotto fans. To play the lottery game, a player only needs to wager on 4 digits, hence the name. The number to pick is from 0000 to 9999 and whenever a number gets a match, a prize is won.


Singapore Pools TOTO allows for a much higher complexity but prizes are far more rewarding. A player simply needs to choose six numbers from 1 to 49. During the draw, 6 numbers plus an additional number are called. If there are at least three or more winning numbers on the player’s ticket, a prize is won.

Singapore Sweep

Singapore Sweep can be quite similar to TOTO, only this time, you are betting on a seven-digit number. You can pick from 1000000 to 4499999 and each 7-digit wager costs only $3. The prize to be won in the sweep can vary depending on the winning number. It goes from $6 and up to $2.3 million.

The best things about Sgpool4D

Online betting is the most efficient way to enjoy gambling despite the strict gambling rules that are all over the place. Singapore Pools 4D is the perfect amalgamation of ideas and desire to provide a satisfying and entertaining betting platform that also gives the locals the safety and security they deserve.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make sgpools the best place to enjoy remote gambling, sports betting, and online lottery. Get all your sgpool 4D live experience at its finest.

Safer Play Environment

Perhaps the best key feature that Sgpools has an edge over many other betting sites in the country is the protection it can provide its players. SGpools is one of the two betting operators legal to offer betting and lottery services in Singapore.

If you did not know, SGpools has been a certified online lottery operator since 2012 by the World Lottery Association. What this means is that Sgpools is capable of providing a safe and responsible gaming environment filled with utmost care and world-class customer care measures.


Apart from the evident safety and protection, sgpools offer the convenience of having all the gambling essentials you would need. Sgpools also provides additional services such as Self-Assessment, Affordability Calculator, and more to assure its players of wellbeing.

You can visit the Singapore Pool websites and find that we are taking a strong stand to help players and customers play responsibly. It is our commitment to deliver such a satisfying and fulfilling service that you won’t get anywhere else.

Customer care

What could bring players more confidence about SGPools is the fact that we also provide outstanding customer care service. Open 24/7 to serve players whenever there are questions, concerns, and issues that require immediate assistance.

SGpool also has a helpful FAQ section that can answer, and hopefully resolve, minor issues that are often encountered by most people. SGpools gives its players the freedom to choose as many options as possible as not every situation is the same.

Sgpool4D Mobile

If you are looking for a much more convenient and accessible way to enjoy online gambling with sgpools, the SGpool4D mobile app may just be the right one for you. Available on mobile devices, both iOS and Android, the mobile app is an additional option for players.

You can now finally make some bets on the go and keep track of all the betting and sgpool 4D results whenever you need to. The app doesn’t take too much storage space so you don’t have to worry about having to free up some mobile storage space.

Join Sgpool4D today!

If none of the perks we’ve listed on this page sounds appealing to you, there’s no way you can find a better option that can be both legal and entertaining. sgpools have proven time and time again that simplicity works and safety is far more important and should always be a top priority.

Join SGPool today and start winning big!

How to register to Sgpool4D

Signing up for SGPools is made very simple and easy.

First, you need to head over to the registration page of spools. On the registration page, you simply need to fill out the two sections of the registration which are the Account Information and Login Info sections.

Some of the information you need to provide are as follows:

  • NRIC Number
  • FIN
  • Foreign Passport
  • Name on your NRIC
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Address

The next section is about your login info. Create your desired username and password to proceed. Please note that the username must be at least 6 alphanumeric characters long. For the password, it must be at least 8 case-sensitive characters long and it cannot be the same as your username.

There’s actually a third section for the Declaration and all it does is to confirm that you genuinely understand the Terms and Conditions of SGPOOL4D.