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SGPools is where you want to be

SGPools is undoubtedly your best choice when it comes to all your betting needs. Enjoy as much time as you want to bet on your favorite sports and non-stop lottery activities. Everything you would expect from a trusted online gambling platform is all here.

If the world’s most luxurious casino resorts do not impress you, we don’t know what else will. Luckily, people who don’t have the luxury to be at any of these casinos still have the option to discover the best gambling experiences over the internet with sgpools.

Why you need to sign up

There are tons of reasons as to why signing for the sgpools account betting service should come as a no-brainer to you. SGpool provides a safe betting platform for everyone as it is one of the two legal gambling operators in the country, along with the Singapore Turf Club.

While signing up for an SGpool account may require a little more effort and requirements to accomplish (as we will touch on very shortly), this is sgpools’ way to ensure customer protection. Their business practices have since resonated with the locals as they live up to the promise of giving an excellent service no matter what.

What you can expect to get

SGpools’ state-of-the-art interface is perhaps the sleekest and simplest UI online. Nothing can come close to sgpools’ website and the betting features that they present to their account holders. That all said, there’s really plenty of reasons to sign up for sgpools today!

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Creating an account with SGPools

Now let’s talk about the main bit, the registration and application of your sgpools online account. We’ll get into the details but first, let’s talk about the account prerequisites or the main requirements you need to meet for you to qualify and apply.

Account prerequisites

To create and register a sgpools account login, one of the first requirements is proof of residency. Players need to be a Singaporean citizen or have a permanent resident to qualify. How about foreigners residing in the country you ask? All they need to present is a valid Singapore Foreign Identification Number or FIN.

While most gambling sites in the world on average consider 18 as the legal age to gamble, Singapore would require you to be at least 21 years old. Additionally, a local mobile number and residential address will also be needed to be presented.

Some exceptions can be made such as family exclusion orders but those are extremely rare.

How to register

Since you have understood the list of things you need to check before signing up for sgpools, let’s get you started with the registration.

The first thing you need to do is complete the online registration form provided. See the image below for your reference.


The application form is basically divided into three different sections, two of which you need to fill out. The last portion of this application form requires your genuine understanding of the Terms and Conditions of sgpools. Once everything is complete and good, proceed by clicking Register.

After completing the form, you need to visit any SGpool branch along with your NRIC or document with your FIN for verification purposes. They will also verify your eligibility with the National Council on Problem Gambling which can take up to three days.

To check the status of your application, you simply need to log in to your sgpools betting account.

SGPool4d Mobile

With SGpool Mobile, not only do you get plenty of opportunities to enjoy betting on sports and Singapore Pools 4D lotteries on the go, but you also get all the benefits of all the features and additional services straight from your handy portable devices!

Mobile application

Yes, you can absolutely register a sgpools account on your mobile phone, too. SGpools’ interface is fully optimized for mobile use so if there’s no desktop computer where you can do the registration, your mobile phone can very well do it for you.

Mobile betting

Similar to the account application, most of the betting activities you can find in sgpools can be done on your mobile phone, too. Of course, lottery games like the Singapore Pools TOTO are only available at physical sgpools branches and outlets.