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SGPOOL4D Lottery

A brief history of lottery

As early as the 15th Century, lotteries have already offered tickets that let players win prizes such as money. Of course, each town has various lottery mechanics and prizes. The main purpose of these lotteries is to help the less fortunate people and towns. They also help to finance major territorial projects.

A fascinating fact to prove this is that one of the earliest records of the lottery came from the Chinese Dynasty that helped build the Great Wall of China between 205 and 187 BC. Even to this day, lotteries mostly serve as a way to collect funds for the common good.

sg pool

The lottery scene in Singapore

While the lotteries on Singapore Pools aren’t necessarily a perfect reflection of the lottery’s history as its main function is to counter the rampant illegal betting activities in the country, it is owned and operated by the Singapore Government to also serve a somewhat similar purpose.

The SGpools Lottery has long been renowned as one of the most exciting and successful lotteries in Asia. With its long history, accessibility, and simplistic approach, it is no wonder why many people in the industry consider it one of the best in the world.

The best lottery experience in Singapore

Singapore not only has some of the best casino resorts in the world, but they also offer an abundance of lottery games for all bettors out there. The best lotteries in the country can be found in sgpools. You can play with confidence that you are in safe hands as SGpools is one of the two legitimate betting operators in Singapore.

There are 3 different lottery games that you can choose to play in sgpool. Let’s take a closer look at each lottery game and how to play them!

How to play 4D

SGpool 4D is perhaps the easiest lottery game in the bunch. 4D is also the cheapest as it lets you play for as low as $1, inclusive of GST.

To play, all you need to do is pick a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. There are 23 sets of winning 4D numbers with different prizes drawn. If you get a match on any 23 winning numbers, you win a prize. It’s that simple! You can place your bets by visiting any retail partners or using your SGpools Account on your phone or using an internet browser.

How to play TOTO

Similar to 4D, Singapore Pools TOTO only costs $1 to play. The only major difference here is that you pick at least six numbers between 1 and 49. With TOTO, six winning numbers plus an additional number will be drawn. If you get at least three numbers correctly, you win a prize.

You may also play the TOTO lottery through various sgpool outlets or play when you log in on your sgpools account through a phone or an internet browser.

How to play Sweep

The last lottery game you can find in SGpools is Singapore Pools Sweep. A player needs to pick a seven-digit number that ranges from 1000000 to 4499999. Each bet of a 7-digit number would cost you $3 to play.

In Singapore Sweep, there are 133 sets of winning 7-digit numbers and 9 sets of winning 2-digit numbers (of the 7-digit number) that are drawn. Of course, the winning prize varies depending on the winning numbers you get.

There are 4 betting options here: Quick Pick, 100 numbers, First Digit, and Last 4 Digits. Unlike 4D and TOTO, Sweep can only be played by buying the tickets through sgpool outlets and Singapore Sweep vendors in the country.

SGPools Lottery Draws

Did you know that sgpools conducts a whopping 250 draws every year for its lottery games? All the lottery draws are strictly monitored with regular reviews from a different firm. There are some guidelines and best practices that make SGpool reputable and reliable.

Watch lottery draw live

You may have the option to catch the lottery draws live across the many different outlets in Singapore such as Livewire and SGPool branches. However, any public viewing of the live sgpools lottery result is currently unavailable.

Lottery draw process

All lottery draws are completely recorded from start to end to protect the reputation and integrity of each draw. That said, if you wish to know the latest sgpools lottery 4D result today, you can bet that SGpools is transparent with its customers as they strictly adhere to established actions and lottery draw procedures.