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Horse Racing

SGPOOL4D Horse Racing

Brief history of horse racing

Horse racing is considered to be an ancient sport dating back to around 4500 BC. It was believed to have originated in Central Asia where it flourished as a sport for royalties. It is only a few years later when gambling for this sport follows suit.

One of the most fascinating facts about horse racing is that there are millions of sports spectators attending each horse racing event. This makes betting on horse racing a clear money-maker for bookmakers. The sport and the betting of the sport are popular across the Middle East, Great Britain, Australia, and South America.

sg pool

The horse racing scene in Singapore

Back in Asia, horse racing is an extremely popular sport. Singapore, in particular, loves to watch many horse racing events, not only in their country but also from around the globe. Luckily for the locals, SGpools offer them the opportunity to wager online on this highly entertaining sport.

It is as if sgpools Horse Race betting saves the country from the cruel gambling restrictions in effect. Today, we can now enjoy the luxury of betting anywhere at any given time with SGpools. Horse racing has never been this accessible and fun before.

The best place to bet on horse racing

Now let’s talk about how to place horse racing bets on SGpool online. Just like how betting on sports can be such a breeze, betting on Singapore Pools Horse Racing is just as easy. But first, let’s discuss the few horse racing betting types.

Horse Racing Betting Types

Pretty much like with any betting game, horse racing also gives bettors a lot of betting markets or betting types to choose from. sgpools offers the following:

  • Win
  • Roll Win
  • Place
  • Forecast
  • Place Forecast
  • Tierce
  • Trio
  • Quartet
  • Flexi-Quartet

Each betting type has its own bet value and reward value. The Win bet is the most common and simplest type of horse racing bet out there. All you need to do is predict which horse will finish the race first. Regardless, finding the SGpools Horse Racing results for yourself is definitely just as easy.

Perhaps the most complex type is Flexi-Quartet where four horses must be chosen and they need to win in the correct order.

Placing your horse race bets online

The first thing you want to do before placing your horse racing bets is to log in to your Singapore Pools Account. All bets for all the races must be up before the race starts. Depending on the type of bet, the unit bet value for each may vary from $2 to $5.

At the Horse Racing homepage of SGpools, you’ll find lots of helpful tools such as an overview of all the racing events available as well as all the live races available for the day. Simply choose a race to view all of the information you would want to check.

The next thing you want to do is choose the bet type once you are on the event page. Then pick all your bet selections and enter your bet unit. You may want to check and review all the sgpool Horse Racing odds first before making the next move.

A calculation of the total stake will be presented to you before the next step. Choose “Add to Bet Slip” to proceed. From this point, all you need to do is review the bets you have selected and when you’re ready, choose Place Bet to purchase the bet(s). You may refer to your bet receipt or your transaction history to keep track of all your bets.

Rebate Program

The thing that makes betting on sgpools is that bettors will be eligible to get a rebate of 10% of the overall losing bet across designated pools if they happen to have a losing amount of $2,000.

Electronic Display System or Betting Information Displays

EDS or the Electronic Display System is added for players’ convenience to get quick information about horses, stats, data, and real-time standings, similar to how SGpool 4D games and TOTO can also give you real-time statistics of things you may want to know on the fly.

Horse Racing Events and Channels

Did you know that there are channels dedicated to broadcast and televise live races both local and overseas? The StarHub Channel288 and 289 serve as a horse-racing hub of worldwide simulcasts from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe, and many more.

Things to remember

While horse racing channels do exist, it doesn’t mean that these channels can easily be accessed anywhere. The only way to catch this Horse Racing Channel legally in Singapore is through SGpools. Additional services and subscription rates may also apply.