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Do I have to visit a Singapore Pools branch physically for verification?

Your online verification can be accomplished in several ways. You may choose to complete the verification on the Singapore Pools website, its mobile app, or you may also physically visit any branch near you.

If you choose to visit a Singapore Pools branch in person for validation, you must bring your NRIC or an official document that contains your FIN. Passport and FIN holders also need to provide proof of residential address.

How do I initiate an identity verification through a video call?

When you sign up for a Singapore Pools Account through the main website or the mobile app, you may verify your identity by uploading pictures or copies of your NRIC/official document (with FIN). After that, you need to initiate a video call by simply going to the Account Status Page.

When can I initiate my identity verification?

As soon as you have submitted your online registration form, you may be required to verify your identity either online or at any of our physical branches.

What are the things to prepare before the video call?

In preparation before you start the video call, you need to ensure that you are in a well-lit and quiet environment that has a strong internet connection. In terms of documents, you need to prepare your NRIC or an official document with your FIN.

Is my video call monitored or recorded?

For quality assurance, audit, and training purposes, all calls are safely monitored, recorded, and stored in our system.

Is my uploaded ID picture safely stored?

Similar to the video call verification, your ID picture is safely protected with data encryption such as firewalls and SSL. Security measures are in place to ensure customer data protection. This is to prevent any data loss, identity theft, and unauthorized access of information both internal and external.

Why is enabling the camera and microphone required?

Further identity verification can only be possible over a video call. Enabling the camera and microphone is necessary for our customer service rep to verify and confirm your identity with that of your NRIC or an official document (with FIN).

How long do I have to wait to get a Customer Service Representative?

There is no specific timeframe for this. It will depend on the call traffic, time of the day, and availability of operations.

Am I talking to an actual person in the video call?

When you make the video call, you will be talking to one of Singapore Pools’ Customer Service Representatives.

Which devices, web browsers, and operating systems are compatible with identity verification?

For identity verification on the mobile app, it is fully optimized to run on Android devices with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and above. For Apple or iOS users, the app runs compatible on iOS 10.3 and above.

For identity verification on the website, either using desktop computers or mobile phones (internet browser), it works on any operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. Internet browsers such as Chrome (version 63 and above), Safari (version 11 and above), and Samsung Internet Browser (version 4 and above) are some of the supported ones.

Can I immediately place a bet right after the video call?

No. Your account must be activated first for you to start making bets on Singapore Pools 4D, TOTO, or any sports.

How will I be notified regarding the activation of my Singapore Pools account?

Once your Singapore Pools Account is ready and activated. an SMS will be sent.

What if my mobile phone doesn’t have a camera?

If your mobile phone doesn’t have a camera, you may verify your identity through the main website or you may visit any physical branch along with your NRIC or an official document with your FIN.

Why am I asked to go to a branch for further verification even after the video call?

You may be asked to visit a branch if our customer service rep is unable to verify your identity completely through the video call.

If I already have a Singapore Turf Club Telebet or Singapore Pools Account for Horse Racing (before October 15, 2019, do I still need to sign up for a new account?

No. You do not need to sign up for a new account as your number will simply need to adopt a 9-digit format. You can either add 08, 080, or 0800 in front of your existing Singapore Pools Account for Horse Racing and add the last numeric digit that can be found in the letter that was sent to your registered mailing address between September and October of 2019.