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Safer Play

Singapore Pools commitment

Play responsibly

Right out of the gate, it is evident that Singapore Pools will never fail your trust when it comes to protecting its customers. As mentioned, time and time again, Singapore Pools takes a very strong stand to take care of everyone’s well-being.

Gambling can be extremely addicting and would even result in negligence if not handled appropriately. For instance, while it can be thrilling to catch all the Singapore Pools TOTO results from time to time, there could be certain things at play that can negatively impact the players.

Things can get out of hand and this can significantly affect one’s lifestyle, behavior, and of course, finances. This is where Singapore Pools comes in to prevent any of these from ever happening.

Safer Play with Singapore Pools

You can never go wrong with Singapore Pools as we take these precautionary actions very seriously. SGpools is a certified Level 4 Responsible Gaming operator that has proven its commitment to serve players, not just the Singaporeans but pretty much everyone within their platform.

One step that they are making to achieve this is strictly prohibiting any gambling or betting activities from minors. Even making any lottery bets nor claiming a prize isn’t allowed either.

Additionally, credit card payments that will be used for bets, regardless if it is for the Singapore Pools 4D or the TOTO lottery, are also strictly prohibited. This is simply to combat any detrimental financial losses that could also potentially make a negative domino effect.

Safer play tips

Did you know that many people believe the idea that the more you play, the more chances you get of winning? The truth is, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than winning a Singapore Pools TOTO jackpot!

That said, it’s better to always stay sharp and keep your head in every step of the way. Here are some safer play tips you can get from Singapore Pools.

Set a limit

It’s always a rule of thumb to set a certain budget allocated for gambling. One should not overspend and go beyond the set budget as this can easily send you down the rabbit hole. While it’s easier said than done, what you can do to keep yourself from overspending is to learn to stop when you reach the limit you have set.

Take a break

Another helpful tip that you can also do, that would also go hand in hand with the first tip is that you may want to take a break every once in a while. If you can, you may want to take a complete break every time you play TOTO or 4D Singapore Pools lotteries.

What this does is that it helps you get back in good shape. Your decision-making skills are not affected nor sacrificed if you take your time to step away from betting or playing for a while.

Never chase your losses

Perhaps another thing that is related to the first tip is that it would also be very helpful if you never set your eye on chasing after your losses. While it can be tempting to do, especially if you still have some spare money to burn after winning at the latest Singapore Pools 4D results, this is a major no-no.

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Lucky charms or “lucky” feeling don’t affect your odds of winning

No myths, superstitions, and charms could ever influence the outcome of your bets. There’s simply no scientific basis, nor consistent proof that this has ever been proven. What you need to believe in is the fact that playing your cards right is always a better option than resorting to hearsays or telltales.

Online Betting Self-Exclusion

A program that lets anyone practice the habit of avoiding any online gambling activities do exist. It is called the Online Betting Self-Exclusion. Singapore Pools fully supports this program as a form of healthy exercise of complete control and to avoid gambling addiction.

Should I volunteer for Self-Exclusion?

If you are someone with gambling habits that negatively affects your health, behavior, relationships, or even finances, you may want to consider participating in this Self-Exclusion program. People who also feel stress and the urge to constantly play non-stop should also volunteer for it.

How to apply for Self-Exclusion?

The National Council on Problem Gambling or NCPG would help anyone who wants to participate in the Online Betting Self-Exclusion. Singapore Pools players are encouraged to join if they feel that their gambling habits are getting a bit out of hand. People may visit the NCPG online portal or visit their main office.