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Best Lottery Software and Prediction Tools

Lottery is an exciting but an elusive form of gambling that ever exists. Winning at one is literally a one in a million chance because a single winning number combination is pulled out from a million of tickets. Who doesn’t want to win a multi-million jackpot prize in sg pools, right?

However, even though the singapore pools 4d results is a game based on pure luck, there are many softwares and prediction tools that can aid you to make a better choice of number combinations. You don’t have to be an expert in mathematical calculations and probability to gain an advantage in playing lotto, all you need is some powerful prediction tools and you are good to go.

This softwares doesn’t necessarily give you the exact winning combination but it can help you to narrow down the choices so you can choose a certain number that might be a winning combination. The following are some of the best softwares and prediction tools used for the lottery.

sg pool


WinSlips is basically a prediction software that is based on mathematical calculations. The program can help you to win the lottery by accessing the browser. 

The program combines the power of two softwares that intelligently searches for winning combinations by narrowing down the existing numbers to help your odds of winning increase. The program simply guarantees that you pick the right numbers much more conveniently by eliminating the unnecessary numbers.

Lotto Pro

If you like a robust lottery software that can analyze across all bigger jackpot lotteries, then this software can be your friend. 

Lotto Pro can augment your chances of winning because it can be used for all kinds of lottery games available worldwide like SG Pool Singapore. This program’s job is to compile some data from it’s existing database of winning combinations from previous draws and analyze the likelihood of a certain number to be drawn again. After the analysis is done, it can give you a solid list of combinations that have a high probability to help you pick a winning number.

Pick 3 Sniper

Pick 3 Sniper is as the name suggests is a prediction software that is tailored for the lottery game of Pick 3.

If you are a lotto gambler that understands the benefits of Pick 3 because it has better odds than PowerBall or Mega Millions then this software is your ‘holy grail’. It is a software that is created by Stefan Van De Velde, the creator also of the lottery software, WinSlip.

Pick 3 Sniper is also a completely web-based tool just like its cousin, WinSlip. It is a convenient program because you can easily access the number combinations right at your mobile phone that you can look at before you make a ticket purchase.

Beat Lottery

Beat Lottery is simply a modern software that can help you to beat the system of lottery games, hence the name. 

Kidding aside, this software has tools that generates number combinations and predictions based on proven methods and high probability. Also, the software can help you to track lottery win statistics and trends displayed in a solid form. You can also keep track of your lottery ticket history and display the outcomes of lottery tickets.

Smart Luck

Smart Luck is not just a prediction software but it is also a definitive guide for lottery gaming in itself. 

The program was founded by Gail Howard in 1982, he is an author and an expert in the game of lottery. This is the tool that predicts winning combinations and can help you have better chances of winning the jackpot prize. 

Aside from the prediction tool, the software also provides tips and strategies about lottery that can help you in your lottery gaming

Final Words

Lottery is a game of pure luck, but you now have one strategy that you can use to win the lottery game like SG Pools 4D, and that is to use one of these software. The software are different in each other but they are all powerful tools to help you win, it is up to you to decide which one you prefer.