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FIFA Esports Upcoming Events

If you’ve been prying your eyes off of some more football action in Singapore Pools, you’ve probably come across with FIFA 21. The FIFA 21 Global Series was announced by EA Sports, the official provider of the FIFA Esports spectacle, where the top FIFA players from around the planet compete and prove themselves as the ultimate best.

The FIFA 21 Global Series

This season will let the biggest players compete against one another across regional tournaments for a certain period. These tournaments will take place several months and the top-performing players will then compete in the Regional Playoffs of their respective region before the year ends.

There’s plenty of opportunities to catch veteran and professional FIFA players with the likes of nicolas99fc, Tekkz, Msdossary, and more, as well representing teams such as the Faze Clan, Man City Esports, and Fnatic. It’s going to be an amazing event that you don’t want to miss.

sg pool

Additionally, you also get a chance to support your favorite football club through FIFA as well. There are well over 30 domestic leagues with their own Esports tournament which will feature some of the best players in their respective country, too.

Leagues included are the LaLiga, Major League Soccer, Bundesliga, and of course, the Premier League. You don’t want to pass on this chance to witness the FIFA 21 Global Series Regional Champion!

The changes they made for FIFA 21

EA made a lot of effort to bring in new and exciting features to the highly awaited FIFA 21. Everything was a revamp of the already high-octane gameplay experience. This also includes several game fixes, enhancements, and critical changes.

Some of the more noteworthy changes that they added are as follows:

·         Gameplay was made more aggressive to compensate for low-scoring games

·         New leagues and teams were added

·         FUT now offers Co-Op play

·         Career Mode is now fixed and improved

·         Volta Football became a more complete experience

In summary, EA took their time to improve the game, making it a far superior version of FIFA 20. It is a game that both casual and competitive players can both enjoy, further establishing a greater common ground for everyone in the FIFA community.

It’s definitely some good news that people who are into sports betting Singapore action would definitely like to hear.

The roadmap of FIFA Esports

Since FIFA 21 was launched, the FIFA 21 Global Series kicked off as a very successful event for EA fans, football players, and of course, football bettors. If you are still looking for more FIFA events this year, here is the entire roadmap of all the FIFA 21 upcoming events.

West Asia

5-6 of December 2020

6-7 of February 2021

10-11 of April 2021

South America

5-6 of December 2020

16-17 of January 2021

13-14 of February 2021

13-14 of March 2021

17-18 of April


12-13 of December 2020

23-24 of January 2021

20-21 of February 2021

20-21 of March 2021

24-25 of April 2021

North America

9-10 of January 2021

6-7 of February 2021

6-7 of March 2021

10-11 of April 2021

8-9 of May 2021


10-11 of January 2021

13-14 of February 2021

13-14 of March 2021

East Asia

16-17 of January 2021

6-7 of March 2021

17-18 of April 2021

Event Types

If you are still confused about how the events are being played out, the FIFA 21 Global Series is basically divided into three different categories: Online Regional Cups, Leagues, and Regional Playoffs.

Online Regional Cups

These cups are double elimination knockout tournaments to all the verified FIFA Ultimate Team Champions. For each cup, there will be a maximum of 1024 players who can participate. Each player that will rank high across each tournament will earn Global Series Points.


Over 30 football leagues offer an Esports program and players in each league will compete for a chance to represent their team at the Regional Playoffs.

Regional Playoffs

The players with the highest ranks in the region and in each league will all be playing at the Regional Playoffs at the end of the season for the title of the Regional Champion.