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Football Club in Singapore

Football Club in Singapore

The popularity of football in Singapore was inevitable given the fact that there are plenty of leagues and clubs in their territory than anywhere else in Asia. Football is so popular in Singapore that even the local buskers and vendors have taken to it as a business, selling soccer balls, soccer shirts, and accessories to the cheering crowds.

Even bookies like Singapore Pools are dominating the market for people who are extremely passionate about supporting their favorites. Some of the team’s supporters wear their favorite merch to represent their association with the team and their passion for the sport. Today, we’ll be talking about everything you need to know about Lion City’s football clubs.

The appeal of football in Singapore

Soccer, being the most popular sport in the country, is also the most commercialized sport in Asia. This has been a contributing factor to the popularity of the game, which makes it a more lucrative option for international players who want to earn millions of dollars while doing what they love the most – playing a fun sport.

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Aside from being the national sport, soccer has developed itself into a professional sport due to the influx of tourists who come to watch matches at the national stadium. In addition, sports like ice hockey and basketball have come to be known outside of Asia.

With the popularity of football on the rise, more people in the country are gearing up to get interested and join the game. If they want to take things to the next level, they head to SG Pools to bet on their favorites.

Top football clubs in Singapore

One of the most fascinating things you’ll love about Singaporeans is their extreme love for the sport. Evident by the fact that the sport is their national sport, one can expect that footballers or clubs with immense talent are bound to come from Singapore.

Armed Forces

Armed Forces, now known as Warriors Football Club, is a professional football club most known for its rhinoceros mascot. This Singaporean football club is one of the many football teams that get many people excited for the prestigious Singapore Premier League.

The club was established on February 16, 1996, and was originally known as the Singapore Armed Forces Football Club or SAFFC. It wasn’t until January of 2013 when they decided to rebrand themselves as the Warriors Football Club, or simply The Warriors.

Amongst all the football clubs in Singapore, they are considered to be the most successful teams to have won the Singapore Premier League title plenty of times. In fact, they have won an astounding 9 titles from the said league! They are the most sought-after teams to wager on in SingaporePools for many years now.

The rhino mascot was chosen to reflect teamwork, spirit, courage, and discipline. Before it was rebranded to the Warriors Football Club, their first choice for their mascot was a wolf.

Tampines Rovers FC

Trailing behind the Warriors Football Club, Tampines Rovers Football Club or The Stags, are also among the top tier football clubs in Singapore. Also competing in the Singapore Premier League, they have won a whopping 8 titles. This football team has also won numerous titles from the Singapore Cup and the ASEAN Club Championship.

If anything, they are not only one of the most successful football teams in Singapore, but also the wealthiest. Every event that The Stags are featured in is always to be expected to have a high number of attendees or SG Pools viewership.

The Singapore Premier League

The Singapore Premier League or SPL is perhaps the biggest professional tournament for men’s football clubs. The SPL currently consists of 8 different football teams and the seasons take place from late March to October.

Despite the popularity of other sports, soccer has maintained its enormous appeal among the people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from Singapore or not; football is where all the good and exciting stuff happens.