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Is there a Difference Between Online Gambling and Singapore Pools?

Online gambling has arguably become more progressively popular in Singapore and other Asian countries in recent years. Many gamblers have switched to gambling over the internet through live casinos instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar ones to satisfy their compulsions.

People can’t even get enough of online content; websites like Asiaone get a massive number of visitors daily. Online users have shared their experience with Singapore online gambling and how it is the ultimate way to play with the convenience of having the ability to gamble within the comfort of your house any time anywhere, and how it is simply the superior way to experience gambling ever.

As of right now, there are two main options: regular online gambling sites or Singapore Pools.

sg pool

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions out there. Under Singapore law, there are two acts relevant to gambling. The Common Gaming Houses Act and also the Betting Act, both make it illegal for people or private companies to work a web or land-based bookie business in Singapore.

It had been in 1968, seven years after the act was passed that the government created The Singapore Pools that are still legal today. The Singapore Pools first started by offering Singapore Pools lottery, sweepstakes called the Singapore Sweep, 4D lottery, and eventually, Singapore Pools Sports such as football, Formula One racing, and Singapore Pools horse racing.

Even to this very day, The Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club are the only legal online gambling sites, your main source of gambling activities that are allowed in the country. However, since the gambling laws were created before online gambling or even before the internet became a thing, the use of foreign gambling sites by locals in Singapore wasn’t prohibited under the act.

Online gambling is a great alternative

Where online gambling sites are very less restrictive, many Singaporeans take advantage of this and they end up registering on offshore online bookmakers. Some of the most popular online betting Singapore sites you might have heard of are Solarbet, Fun88, Bet365, Dafabet, only to name a few.

These sites are not actually considered legal in Singapore, unlike Singapore Pools! However, due to some loopholes within the gambling act, locals are still able to gain access to these gambling sites without facing imminent consequences.

Foreign gambling makers have taken the chance of the resources in Singapore and created a pretty service to focus on locals. The Singapore Live Casino you’ll find in today’s market is designed to take full advantage of the high-speed internet and provide users with a unique and thrilling experience.

For the inexperienced online gamblers, you’ll learn that most online gambling sites are packed with high-resolution graphics, gorgeous 3D visuals, zero waiting time, and attractive promos and bonuses that are simply unique to online gambling sites and not with SGpool.

For example; as a primary timer on-site, you’ll be able to receive first-time user bonus spins or as a frequent user, you’ll receive extra credits that make online gambling dangerous and addictive.

Final thoughts

Online gambling sites have their benefits and advantages and they’re pretty much straightforward. With lots of gambling regulations at play, not everyone is willing to take any risks, let alone, gamble knowing that there will be heavy consequences.

Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club may have very limited gambling activities such as the lottery and a few sports betting options, but they are your only option if you wish to play with no risk. There’s nothing quite like getting all the Singapore horse racing results the legal way.

They are committed to offering a responsible gambling experience that no offshore gambling site can offer.

Regardless of which you pick, both options offer a significant amount of gambling excitement and it’s all up to you on whether you want to play it safe or you wish to explore more of the offerings that online gambling sites have to offer.