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Lottery Superstitions and Lucky Charms

Many gamblers believe in superstitions and lucky charms to increase their luck. For a game like a lottery, one’s skills aren’t the determining factor that gives a player the confidence that they can win it. They resort to all sorts of things like beliefs to justify what they think is only natural.


Some gamblers consider the outcome of sgpool odds lotto games to be unpredictable. These gamblers have an internal belief that everything in the world can be attributed to fate or luck. Hence, it is believed that winning in the lotto is purely based on luck.

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Others do not believe that luck can have any role in their success. Still, others may have more superstitious beliefs – like the law of electromagnetism – which state that players can influence the outcome of lotto games by choosing the numbers that come up in the next draws.

Lottery superstitions

There are many factors why gamblers tend to believe in superstitions. Most of these are rooted in old myths and legends, being passed from one generation or culture after another, eventually making their way to this modern day.

One of the most common superstitions about the Toto Singapore Pools lottery is to try and find your lucky numbers. There are plenty of ways where you can stumble upon them such as interpreting a dream, asking children some random numbers, and even combining special dates (like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.).

People would often seize the opportunity to seek fortune tellers if they get a chance. There’s basically no stopping those with strong beliefs in divinations and superstitions.

The most common items associated with great luck

Lucky charms

This is as broad as it can get. Things like amulets, crystals, talismans, and even stones are widely believed to contain “energy” that emits luck and magical powers. Most of these items are often triggered by simply having them in your pocket, while some require you to wear them at all times.

In countries like China, many people believe in Feng Shui and there are plenty of other charms, not just lucky charms that can give its bearer different magical auras. This includes charms that repel bad omens and energy which, in a way, still works similarly as a lucky charm.

The four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is one of the most popular symbols of luck known around the world. This is why you’ll see lots of casino themed around the idea of these rare-shaped clovers. In some other countries, this leaf is beyond a bringer of luck as it also symbolizes faith, love, and hope.

Lucky penny

Pretty much at some point in our lives, we have stumbled upon a coin while taking a stroll down the streets at least once. Most of us inevitably hold on to it as it is believed to bring some good luck. We would rather keep it in our pockets or wallets so we can carry the fortune with us wherever we go.

Lucky colors

While not necessarily items, most of us have picked our favorite colored shirt to make our average days even more special. The same thing can be said true for people who play the Singapore Pools lotteries, they would normally resort to choosing their lucky color when picking a shirt to wear.

Final thoughts

A person who believes in fate and who attributes his good fortune to such beliefs is a superstitious gambler – a gambler who gambles based on an illusion that we can have everything under control, including luck.

A good gambler knows that a person should not get too attached or obsessed with luck. Instead, he works hard to elevate his playing field by doing what can actually directly impact the result.