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Race Card

When it comes to horse racing, one thing you’ll need to be very familiar with is the thing called a race card. It has numbers and abbreviations that at first glance can be a bit daunting and overwhelming if you have never placed any bets before.

Lucky for you, this is the perfect article that would explain what racecards are and everything else there is to know about them. Even if you have some fair background about how horse racing works, take this as a sort of helpful refresher. Here’s your ultimate guide about racecards.

What is a racecard?

A racecard is all you need if you are into horse race betting. Its main purpose is to provide an outline of all the helpful information that you would need when placing your bets. Racecards are provided to every horse race bettors for every horse race that’s about to take place.

Some racecards provide professional betting insights from reputable tipsters but some are pretty much straightforward and only provide all the basics there is to know ahead of the match. Some of the information that is guaranteed to be provided are the races that will become available at any chosen racetrack.

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Racecards do not necessarily give away a huge advantage when it comes to increasing your chances of predicting the right outcomes. However, all the information that comes with a Singapore race card could certainly influence your betting decisions. That said, always pay close attention to racecards.

Reading and understanding racecards

Before even thinking of heading straight to placing your horse race wagers, you might want to give a closer look at your race card. Perhaps one of the first things you would notice is the different colored shirts or clothing shown on the racecard.

Jockey colors

It’s very hard to miss as you can immediately spot a certain jockey through the color of his or her uniform. The one printed on the racecard is often the same exact color of clothing that the jockey would wear on the race. It’s also very unlikely that two jockeys would be wearing the same color of shirt or uniform.

Race number

Race numbers are typically found next to the jockey colors and they are typically printed from top to bottom. Most horse race betting sites like Singaporepools would list the jockeys with the clear favorite at the top. The number within brackets is the number from which stall the horse will start the race.

Horse form

The Form is what many rookie bettors overwhelmed due to how odd the set of numbers could get. The numbers could include the number of where the horse finished the race, which season, or if there are any gaps in between racing seasons. The horse form can also indicate the recorded behaviors of the horse from its past races.

Horse name

Apart from the obvious name for the horse, this information also includes the number of days since its last race, if it had won the previous or recent course, if the horse has won the same course or distance (or both), and if it was a favorite but did not win.

Age & Weight

Very straightforward, you’ll find the age of the horse and its weight. The important detail to note here is the carrying capacity of the horse and understanding the ratio between its age and weight could help you figure out if it is worth picking as your bet.

Go on and start betting on horse racing!

There are plenty of things that you can learn from horse racing. The complexity of understanding racecards is not that complex if you take the time to learn about them. While a race card doesn’t necessarily affect nor guarantee your victory, it’s an impressive tool that can help you make the right call and predictions.

Now that you are equipped with your newfound knowledge, go ahead and try betting on horse races today! There are plenty of online betting sites like Singapore Pools that provide racecards that are easy to use, digest, and utilize.