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Champions League Last-16 Draw: Who Will Face the English Top 4 Teams?

Champions League

Four of the UK’s finest teams secured their spot in the coveted last 16 round of the UEFA Champions League. Before the real battle for supremacy in European football commences, a few more games have to be filled before the knockout stage starts.

Premier League’s Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea all have secured their way before the knockout round. The only club that is a little bit left out is Chelsea, as they have to settle as second place within their bubble behind Juventus, which could result in a much more critical selection.

The other non-English sides that secured their spots are Bayern Munich, Lille, Juventus, Ajax, and Real Madrid. While other clubs are still unseeded and UEFA will declare the official list on December 13. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the status of the four UK sides and take a pick to futures bet on SGPool.

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Manchester City

Man City had a devastating defeat to French side Paris Saint-Germain back in September which caused them to prowl after victory again. The English champions may have had a rough play against Mauricio Pochettino’s team, but a few rests from the players before their final game for their bubble in Leipzig may help them to bounce back.

City may face Sporting CP, Benfica, Salzburg, Inter-Milan, Atalanta, Villareal or Atletico Madrid, or which one will proceed to the next stage.


Liverpool is one of the teams with a clean record during the group stage and any competitor will have to face the club’s resilience. A few sides could challenge them in the second round with the likes of Porto, Atletico Madrid and AC Milan. 

During the last-16 of the previous season, Liverpool defeated RB Leipzig until they were swept away by Real Madrid in the quarter-finals. Jurgen Klopp’s team may not take their revenge against Carlo Ancelotti’s side due to their victory against Inter Milan to succeed in their group.

Manchester United

Man United’s group stage moments were like a roller-coaster ride, they needed comebacks to secure points in their home and away matches against Atalanta. On a lighter note, current coach Ralf Rangnick saw his first match in the Champions League leading the team.

The outcome of the readjusted match of Atalanta-Villarreal doesn’t affect United’s status as the tournament clearly states the rules that two sides from the same group cannot face each other in the last 16 round. 


Chelsea were put under a lot of pressure lately, mainly because they were the defending champions of the tournament. Expectations were really high for Chelsea to advance to the knockout stage, and they are an inch closer to that goal.

Thomas Tuchel’s team being in the second-place of the group is dangerous, especially considering how they were inches away from victory last time in Russia. 

The current status of Chelsea is tricky as they cannot face Juventus again because they were in the same group as them. Also, they cannot go against their fellow Premier League members because the rules clearly state that clubs from the same country cannot face each other in the knock-out stage.

This dilemma puts Chelsea with four options: Ajax, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, or Lille. If the team manages to avoid the first two, then the last two will be a viable option. 


The current listing of the last 16 of Champions League saw Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Juventus and Lille secure their spot in the knockout stage. 

As for the potential teams who will make it to the last spots, they are Sporting CP, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Villareal, RB Leipzig, Atalanta and Chelsea.

All of the teams who will make it into the last-16 round will be announced on December 13. Meanwhile, take your pick for the juiciest SingaporePoll odds in the betting site.