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Liverpool Fans Have Met a Cold Response On Their Tribute to Legend Steven Gerrard


Steven Gerrard walked down the tunnel without an interest in looking back or acknowledging the keen support of the Liverpool fans to their former team captain.

From the moment that he emerged until the end of the match between Liverpool and Aston Villa at Anfield, the Liverpool legend had made it clear that he is Aston Villa’s manager and he wasn’t interested in an emotional tribute for his journey back to his former club.

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A tribute to a Liverpool legend

Before the match began, fans were stunned by the play of key moments of Gerrard on the big screens to commemorate his career at Liverpool. The former captain had a golden spell at the club and made 710 appearances as well as producing 186 goals for the team.

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Aside from the tribute playing on the screens, there was also a flag that pays honor to their former hero along with chants from the Liverpool fans. However, the tribute met a cold response from Gerrard himself dispelling the sentiments of his return to Liverpool and made it clear that it was just business.

Gerrard’s key moments at Anfield 

Liverpool has paid a tribute to legendary midfielder Ray Kennedy, who is known for his career at the club in the 1970’s and 1980’s, who recently passed away. The club is also eager to give an appreciation to one of their former members who is a Hall of Famer in Liverpool.

Gerrard deserved a spirited response from the crowd like Kennedy as he walked out before the beginning of the match, but instead of showing gratitude for the tribute presented in his honor, he turned to the left where the fans of his current club were.

Despite the song tribute being played for his return, he didn’t move an inch, wearing a dark overcoat, his focus affixed on the ferocious activity in front of him.

Although Liverpool fans tried to give it another shot to pay a tribute to Gerrard when they felt convenient enough, he was still as stone cold as he was before.

Aston Villa’s manager not Liverpool’s legend

It had become apparent that Gerrard was there as Aston Villa’s manager and presenting as the club’s number one fan; nothing more, nothing less. The rest was just not as important as Aston Villa winning the match.

According to Gerrad, he said “I know that there was going to be a sentimental show in the pre-game. Fans still appreciate my journey at Liverpool, however, it was normal because I was there for a very long time.”

Throughout the match between his former club when he was a senior player and the current team that he was managing on, his eyes were fixed to Aston Villa

Not giving a split loyalty

His full attention was on Aston Villa, never wanting to entertain the Liverpool crowd during and after the game. It has become apparent that he doesn’t want to provide Liverpool fans any support or any sign of split loyalty.

However, there was no split loyalty because Gerrard made sure that his team was well-prepared and powerful enough to defeat his former club. 

Even though he provided Liverpool with victories in FA Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup and League Cup, and he had spent a long spell at the club, he was only there to win with his gameplan.


At the end of the day, Gerrard left the stadium like it was just another day and he knew that he was getting paid because of Aston Villa’s victory over Liverpool in their home ground. What Gerrard has shown albeit disappointing is an indicator that Aston Villa has a fiercely loyal manager who is extremely passionate to provide success to the team.

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